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        Division of Student Development Kamphaengphet Rajabhat University the original name of student affairs was established on the year B.E.2519 according to act teacher’s college. Later, the improvement of structure and boundary of the student affairs by solve according to act teacher’s college (number 2) B.E. 2547. The student activities department status change is the office of student affairs. The office of student affairs is responsible. Later, has declared the Ministry of education about the divided government of teacher’s college 12 March B.E. 2530. The office of student affairs administration divided to 3 departments. The Secretary department, guidance information, and service department, development of personality and activity’s students. Later, has declared act Rajabhat institution in B.E. 2538. A change of status from teacher’s college came to Rajabhat institution, which is resulted in the administration in the office of student affairs. The Director of the office of student affairs is responsible for the administration and divided within the office of student affairs in 6 departments. In B.E. 2547 has been changed from “Kamphaengphet Rajabhat University” on 15 June in B.E. 2547 makes the students status change is “Division of Student Development” divided to 7 departments.
        1. General Affairs
        2. Student Affairs
        3. Promote and Develop Sports
        4. Student Development
        5. Welfare and Service
        6. Promote and Health Care Service
        7. Preventive Drug Education Center
        In B.E. 2546 has been changed the Director of Kamphaengphet Rajabhat University The original administration in term of the office therefore, the restructure of internal administration Division of Student Development in order to achieve the purpose of students 2556-2560 divided to 2 organizations.
        1) Division of Student Development divided to 4 departments
            1.1  Administration and General Affairs
            1.2  Planning and Quality Assurance
            1.3  Preventive Drug Education Center and Health Care Service
            1.4  Welfare and Service
        2) Student organization divided to 4 departments
            2.1  Administration of Student Organization
            2.2  Student Affairs
            2.3  Student Development
            2.4  Military

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